POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY: The best things we saw at Spring/Break Art Show



March 5, 2020


The annual pop up art show is underway in Manhattan.


The annual Spring/Break Art Show kicked off this week for its ninth year at a new space on 625 Madison Avenue. Known for its maze-like setup, the event typically takes over old office spaces and stuffs every corner with installations spanning a variety of mediums—and many of them are highly-Instagrammable.


This year participating artists were asked to organize their exhibitions around the theme: “In Excess”. The show runs through March 9 and is open from 11am - 8pm. Admission is $25. We swung by the annual show to find the best photographic exhibitions and the spaces that you’ll be dying to photograph. Here’s what we loved.


The Breathing Room: Sugared, Smothers, Consumed by April Marten

Detail view of The Breathing Room: Sugared, Smothers, Consumed. Jeanette D. Moses


Multi-media artist April Marten has created an interactive installation that combines portraiture, video, a giant pink palm tree planted in a pile of sugar, plastic bag lined walls and mysterious bags of a pink substance called Unicorn Cocaine—which is not for human consumption. The candy colored world invites viewers into a seductive, but ultimately toxic, environment and asks them to question the unconscious consumption that they may be participating in. A portrait of a woman named Frances overlooks the scene with a large cup of coffee, a pack of cigarettes and a pile of powdery white substance. An old television on the floor loops through footage of a woman with bright pink lips attempting to communicate something through the screen. It’s an intoxicating space that is hard to walk away from.





March 6, 2020