Intersect Aspen 2021

1 - 5 August 2021

Nightfall | Daybreak, presented by Monica King Projects at  Intersect Aspen 2021,  focuses on artists who make use of brilliant surfaces, materiality, subtle or overt reflection, and powerful contrasts of light and shadow to explore deeper spiritual states and realities.  

 Chris Watts’ luminously layered mixed media paintings on silk stretched on found wood interrogate social and personal narratives, not only to create a new vision, but also to create a project of disruption. 

 Prema Murthy’s ethereal acrylic on canvas paintings float as if suspended in space- and through the artist’s exploration of geometry and luminosity, reveal the ever-shifting boundaries of embodiment, cognition, and mind.

 Oswaldo Ruiz’s series of photographs of dramatically lit, abandoned houses in Anahuac, north of Mexico, portray and monumentalize a disappearing way of life, and the impact of human actions on our land.

 Michael Wolf’s deeply rooted and impactful sculptures investigate the house as a metaphor for the human experience.  The artist mines the alluring surfaces and light and shadow play of the archetypal gabled house, as well as other architectural constructs, as a means of understanding the notion of shelter and the human dichotomies of protection vs vulnerability. 

 Aleksandra Stone's works, created from the scavenged wings of the Brood X cicadas (the largest brood of the 17-year cicadas), are meticulously overlaid with shredded US currency.  Stone's intricate, organic, and ephemeral works are an exploration of the connection between the natural world cycle and the global financial cycle.