Chellis Baird

NYC-based artist Chellis Baird explores how daily actions impact social fabric. The repetitive gestures of today’s digital culture--scrolling, typing, clicking--have drastically altered the way we interact collectively, intellectually and emotionally. To experience the motion of art, Baird blurs the lines between paint and canvas, color and form. Twisted, knotted and stuffed ropes highlight the sublime tension between brush and canvas, at times violating the confines of the frame by bubbling over the two-dimensional surface. This textural language draws upon a lifetime of influences such as dance, fashion, textiles and color. These elements have become a constant source of inspiration for her handwoven canvases, catalyzing the emotional exploration of tangled compositions. Using unique perspectives, Baird invites the viewer to immerse themselves in the tactility of the human hand and spirit, with enough space to fill in and release their own emotions.